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Modern dentistry provides various options for missing teeth, including various types of dentures and, still the most common, porcelain bridges. Dental implants, on the other hand, are the most advanced solution that professionals recommend. The fact that they are more expensive is true, but the outcomes are far more satisfying, and the prices can be reduced by getting dental implants abroad. But is getting dental implants abroad worth the hassle? To answer the question, let’s briefly look at dental implant abroad reviews and whether it is worth going abroad to get them.



What are Dental Implants?

Getting a dental implant is a fantastic option to replace a missing tooth with a high-quality, natural-looking replacement. Dental implant surgery involves the replacement of tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replacing damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function similarly to natural teeth. While dental implants are one of the perfect solutions for a missing or decayed tooth, some individuals are hesitant to seek therapy due to the associated costs. This brings us to our main topic; getting dental implants abroad.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants Abroad?

Dental care is costly and dental tourism, or the practice of receiving dental treatment overseas, is a cost-effective approach to have more complex dental operations performed. Patients can save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on dental implants and other expensive procedures. The reason it is becoming more popular to travel to another nation for dental work is that it is less expensive. Moreover, most dentists working abroad claim that they can provide great care comparable to, if not better than, what you’d get at home.

Three Main Reasons to Get Dental Implants Abroad

The main reasons to get dental implants abroad can be divided into three. These are; cost, quality, and the chance to have a vacation at the same time whilst getting dental care.

The Cost

MELBOURNEDentalImplantsNS.COM.AU The expense of dental treatment in foreign nations is the primary reason why so many people seek treatment there. Patients needing numerous teeth replaced can save thousands of pounds by purchasing cheap dental implants in another country. And now you can book cosmetic dentistry packages that include all features from airport pickup and hotel accommodations to private driver transportation and access to an executive lounge. At the same time, you wait (with free wifi, of course). This may appeal to folks who are hesitant to get dental implants placed abroad in the first place since the process is simple and straightforward, with little left to do on your own.


Quality is another one of the reasons to get a dental implant abroad. Patients cannot acquire affordable dental implants and other services in other countries because of a lesser degree of care. The level of service and care provided are quite high. Some dentists in Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam have talented and experienced dentists as well as modern and safe facilities. You can get all these services at a much lesser price than in any other country.

Chance to have a vacation

Why not discover the best moment to take some time off for both your treatment and your chosen season? This way, you’ll avoid paying for two trips and have both covered! Many individuals combine dental treatment with a vacation to save money. Patients who saved thousands of dollars by getting dental care in another country while on vacation have been featured in the news.

Countries popular in the dental tourism industry

dental implant abroadMany Australians seek out affordable dental implants in countries such as Thailand, Mexico, and Costa Rica. These countries offer top-notch care with qualified dentists at lower rates than Australia. Some also opt for cheap dental implants in Indonesia, the Philippines, or Vietnam. Before committing to any procedure abroad, however, it’s essential that you do your research and verify the dentist’s credentials and experience. Additionally, make sure you understand all of the associated costs, so there are no unwelcome surprises.

Dental Tourism Pros and Cons

Dental tourism is an ever-increasing business but is going abroad for your dental treatment especially dental implants, a wise decision or will it lead to months of misery? Here’s our list of pros and cons:


  • Dental implants are certainly cheaper in countries like Hungary, and that is because they don’t have the same overheads as UK dentists and coupled with a lower cost of living, they are therefore able to offer services for a lot less.
  • If you decide to go somewhere more exotic, like Thailand, for instance, you can combine having your dental treatment carried out with a luxury holiday abroad.
  • Some companies can book a whole package for you which could involve flights, airport transfers, accommodation etc., thereby making the process smooth and hassle-free.
  • The standard of care and the expertise of the implantologist could be just as good as here in the UK, if not better.


  • Communication problems. The language barrier is the obvious factor to consider. Some dentists will speak very good English, whereas some will not. Should any complications arise either during surgery or after your dental treatment abroad, you certainly don’t want to be in a position where you don’t understand what’s going on.
  • Professional background. Research the dentist who is carrying out the procedure and check out their qualifications. Also, look for reviews about the dental clinic you wish to visit.
  • Implant procedure. Thoroughly research the procedure you have done and ensure that you have been told beforehand what to expect during treatment, what side effects or discomfort you may experience and how to care for your new teeth.
  • Post-op complications. Find out what will happen if you experience any problems once you return home. Is the work guaranteed? Would you have to return to the country where you had the implants placed, and if so, who covers the cost of the treatment?
  • Implant type. Bear in mind that over 50 different types of implant systems are currently being used worldwide, and if anything goes wrong, it may be very difficult to find a UK dentist trained in that particular system. Ask for your records in English with details of the implant system used so that your dentist back home has a full record of your procedure.
  • Insurance. Most travel insurance policies only cover you for emergency dental care – not procedures you choose to have (known as “elective treatment”). This means that if something goes wrong during a planned visit to a dental clinic abroad and you require additional care or have to postpone your flights, you could end up heavily out of pocket.

Are there Complaints from patients who got their Dental Implants Abroad?

overseas dental implantMany Australians have had positive experiences getting overseas dental implant surgery, but there have also been reports of those who are unhappy with the results. Common complaints from Australians who get dental implants abroad include substandard workmanship and quality, inadequate aftercare, and unexpected hidden costs. It’s important to do your due diligence before committing to a dental procedure overseas, especially when researching the dentist you’re dealing with and understanding all of the associated costs.

Considerations when getting Dental Implants Abroad

Are you considering getting dental implants overseas? It’s a decision that should not be made lightly, as there are risks associated with having any surgery abroad. Here are some important factors to consider when making the decision:

  • Make sure the dentist is qualified and experienced in performing implants. Do your research and ask for references to ensure you’re dealing with a medical professional with proper credentials.
  • Find out what kind of follow-up care the dentist offers after the procedure is complete. You want to know that the dentist will be available if you experience any issues or have any questions down the line.
  • Make sure you understand all of the costs associated with getting dental implants overseas. In addition to paying for the procedure itself, there may also be additional fees for travel, accommodations, and follow-up visits.

By taking these steps to ensure that your dental implant treatment is safe and successful, you can make an informed decision about whether or not going abroad is right for you.



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