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At Digital Dental Surgery Sydney our focus lies in offering patients dental implant treatments that are safe, efficient and affordable – so that you do not have to resort to a dental implant in Vietnam as a tooth replacement. Despite the availability of high quality implants in Australia, many people are still electing to go overseas for implant treatment – a movement known today as dental tourism. Today we’re going to have a look at why it’s best to get your implant treatment done locally.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer the opportunity to replace lost or missing teeth in the form of a small metal screw that is embedded into your jaw. The role of the implant is to replace your missing tooth at the roots, which prevents bone loss, and to provide a solid foundation for a new crown that will blend in with the rest of your natural teeth. Dental implant treatments are very successful both because only eligible patients may be admitted for treatment, and because only a highly skilled dental practitioner should perform the procedure using high grade dental implants.  And even though dental practices in Vietnam may do a good job, the standards there are not the same as in Australia. Visit this link to learn more. 


What Difference Does Digital Dental Implants Make?

Even though implants are largely successful, some people do experience more intense side effects than others. A traditional implant procedure requires surgery, and sometimes the surgery needs to be done three or four times. This can cause bleeding, swelling and tenderness, and on rare occasions, may give rise to infection.

Our preference for digitally guided dental implants at Digital Dental Surgery Sydney is due to the fact that it really minimises side effects and complications.

In fact, digital dental implants really do present a very convenient way to replace missing teeth – and make the need to travel to places like Vietnam completely unnecessary.


Why You Should Not Get A Dental Implant In Vietnam


Travelling abroad for dental work is a risky business, whereby the risks are largely beyond your control. If you absolutely cannot see any other option than getting a dental implant in Vietnam we would urge you to read these before you make any bookings.


Policies and regulations are different

When you make an appointment with Digital Dental Surgery Sydney you can rest assured that the rules and regulations laid out by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) are adhered to, and that your rights as a patient are protected. Whenever you leave the country for dental treatment, this protection falls away.


Training and certifications are different

Your Australian dentist has a duty to maintain his or her training and education and to ensure he or she stays on top of continuous professional development. Local standards are very high and are constantly reviewed to ensure that the needs of the population are protected.

Your Vietnamese dentist will have qualified under a different degree and curriculum. His professional obligations will be very different to your expectations.


Dental implant products may not be the same

There are hundreds of dental implants available on the market and each practitioner has a preference, depending on his or her experiences over time. Your Australian dentist may have a preference for one particular brand – or may not be able to get replacement parts from certain manufacturers if you have your dental implant in Vietnam.

When you work with an overseas dental practitioner you are very bound to his choice of implant. This makes follow up and post-operative care very difficult.

Thanks to digital dental implants there’s no reason to even consider a dental implant in Vietnam. If you still have questions about dental implants in Vietnam, it’s time to speak to a professional: (02) 9158 6328.

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