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If the cost of your treatment plan has you asking questions about dental implants in Bali, we’d like to ask you to look a little deeper at the real benefit of the procedure. The cost of dental implants often dominates decision making for patients, and for good reason -we understand that the affordability of your treatment is important. But we also know the value of dental implants to your future health, and that’s why we encourage our patients to invest in a high quality system that meets their long term needs.



How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Australia?

Until you have consulted with a professional, it is almost impossible to know how much your dental implants will cost – and also why comparing the costs to a treatment in Bali can be very misleading.

While it does help you as a patient to have an understanding of what to expect to pay for dental implants in Australia, every patient’s circumstances are different and need to be evaluated before a practitioner can give a cost.

And that’s because dental treatments aren’t quoted like commodities. Dental practitioners create treatment plans in the best interests of their patients.

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In order to do this your dentist must evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums before you can be presented with a cost. 

Fortunately there are some realistic figures in circulation that you can use as a ballpark guide before you buy tickets for Bali. has published the findings of their national dental fee survey from 2017 wherein dental implants cost in the range of $3000 to $6500 per tooth for a single, straightforward procedure.

In the event that your case is more complex –let’s say you need a bone graft or sinus lift as well-, you can expect this figure to increase to as much as  $11 500 per tooth.


How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Bali?

It is claimed that dental implant procedures in Bali can cost significantly less than what Australian dentists charge, but you will not get the close working relationship or recourse that you have when you work with a local practitioner.

If a patient hasn’t had an implant before or doesn’t know much about them, it’s easy to assume that the cost being charged is that of the metal implant. But the prosthesis is just a fraction of your treatment plan cost, and there are other factors that need to be taken into account.


Your dental practitioner fees

Your dentist’s professional fees are calculated based on the running costs of the practice and are relative to your practitioner’s experience. Australian dentists must be registered and compliant with the Dental Board of Australia. They are regulated by AHPRA and must keep up with continuous professional development standards. Once a patient leaves the country and seeks dental treatment elsewhere, these frameworks no longer offer protection.

If a Balinese dentist’s fees are so much cheaper than a local practitioner’s, where are you compromising on quality? If something does go wrong, your dental implants cost will be significantly higher than what you originally anticipated.

Your surgical procedures and implant

You may need to sit in the dentist’s chair two or three times before your implant is finalised, and this could happen over three to nine months. If you have any queries in this period you will return to the dentist for help. This is incredibly difficult to achieve when your dentist is a plane flight away.

Post-implant care

Once your implant has integrated with your jaw, you’ll need to return for the fitting of the abutment and crown. It is much more convenient when your dentist is close by. Any return flights to Bali will inflate your dental implants cost.


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