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If you are considering dental implants, you may be wondering why they cost so much in Australia. The truth is, dental implants can be expensive no matter where you live, but there are a few reasons why the cost is higher in Australia. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons for the high cost of dental implants in Australia and what you can do to get the best deal on them.

  • Dental Implants Cost
  • Factors that affect the Cost of Dental Implant Surgery
  • Expensive Dental Implants: Is it Worth It?

Dental Implants Cost

One of the many tooth replacement alternatives is dental implants. They are the only ones that are permanent and natural. By natural, we mean that dental implants are inserted into your jawbone in the same way as natural teeth are. You must take care of the implants just like you would with your natural teeth. That is to say; you can brush twice a day and floss as well. There’s no need for nighttime removals or soaking in a cleaning solution!

How can dental implants resemble natural teeth in appearance? Surgery is required for the operation. Dental implants also serve as immediate replacements for lost teeth. They have screw-line titanium bases in place of roots. These bases osseointegrate with your jawbone to create the perfect replacement for your missing tooth. And thanks to titanium metal, dental implants are as tough as natural teeth.

Now that we understand how dental implants work let’s talk about the cost. Since no two persons are alike, the best way to get a complete estimate of your dental implant treatment cost is to consult your dentist. But we can give you a rough ballpark figure just to help you determine how much you should expect to set aside for your missing teeth solution.

If you want a dental implant for a single tooth replacement, the bills could amount to $5000 to $5500. Should you require additional surgical processes such as bone grafting, the expenses could rise to about $11500. For multiple teeth replacement, a dental implants procedure will cost at least $7500. And lastly, if you need full-arch implants, expect an average cost of $23,000 to $27,000 per arch.



Factors that affect the Cost of Dental Implant Surgery


Location affects the cost of tooth implants and varies from city to city. In bigger cities, procedural prices are higher because of a more expensive standard of living. Even cafes charge more in some locations than others due to the higher cost of operation and overhead from one city to the other.

Rent and other costs of living expenses can add up to the overhead charges. It is common to see rental fees in high-urbanised cities to be higher than those in suburban to rural areas. So you can expect that dental expenses will cost more with the former than the latter. We must accept that the higher cost of overhead would be passed on to the patients.

Cost of Labour

dental implant materialAs a business owner, building your team of dental professionals would cost you money. And let’s accept the fact that the salary of a dental hygienist or receptionist in Australia is far higher compared to that in the Philippines, Indonesia, or Thailand, for instance. Cost of labour is one of the largest contributors to practice overhead, so when you are wondering why dental implants cost so much in Australia, always look at this aspect as well.

Implant Brand

With over 200 dental implant manufacturers, there is a significant variation in pricing among the brands of dental implants. The cost of a dental implant depends on the design, quality, and longevity. Top names such as DIO Navi, Straumann, or Nobel Biocare, backed by years of research and clinical testing – show successful results and can therefore command a higher cost than others. Newer brands or so-called off brands cost far less.

Smaller dental practices generally carry one or two dental brands, and often, they carry top-of-the-line dental implant brands such as DIO Navi, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Bicon, BioHorizon, or ImplantDirect. They typically want to stay with top brands and not risk any problems for patients. Larger dental clinics typically carry multiple brands with different price points to offer different varieties to patients. It is up to you and your preference: would you want to go for the best even if it means it’s expensive, or are you willing to take a risk and try more affordable ones without knowing its quality reputation?

Dentist’s expertise

dental implants in australiaDental Implants require precision and careful planning in every step, which requires skills and experience that takes years to achieve. Dental professionals need to keep themselves updated with newer technologies, techniques, and products to deliver the best quality of treatment, which can be pretty costly. One could argue that the cost of education is much higher in Australia than it is in other countries. That would warrant higher expenditures in a dental practice that has an expert implant surgeon. Yes, dentists in Bali may be licensed, but are we sure that their sanitation and infection control practices are as strict as here in Australia?

Cost of Tooth Implant Materials

The Australian market for dental supplies imports makes up 95% of the total market. Estimated local production of dental equipment and supplies only accounts for 5%. Most Australian manufacturers also import goods to complement their product lines. Because of the small size of the market and the high cost of production, dental suppliers import products that often are subject to local import fees.

The use of materials among dentists varies depending on their level of expertise. Some dentists may use lesser expensive products to reduce costs for their patients, while others focus on the quality of the products at much higher prices.

Case complexity

dental implant treatmentYour dental history can directly affect your dental treatment and tooth implant cost. The more complex your dental case is, the higher the tab would be. If you require a straight dental implant placement, that would cost less. However, if you need other procedures for your jaw bone, like a bone graft or a sinus lift for a successful restoration, this will undoubtedly be pricier.

You and your dentist also have to determine if your case needs a single dental implant, mini dental implants, full-arch implants, or digital implants. Any of these types can have different price vantage points, from the implant material to the cost of the dental implant procedures.

Expensive Dental Implants: Is it Worth It?

Why are dental implants so expensive in Australia? The answer is simple – quality is a must. You cannot cut corners with quality. You need to use the best materials, undergo the most suitable procedure, and be in the hands of an expert to make sure that your safety and comfort are equivalent to the efficiency of your surgical procedure.

The best way to find out about the cost of dental implants is to see an expert dentist that offers a free consultation. If you have already lost your tooth, you should look at replacing it as soon as possible to prevent drifting. Contact our office at (02) 9158 6328 to find the next available appointment so that we can jumpstart your journey to your best smile.


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