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While some dentists may offer discounts for multiple placements it is helpful to know the tooth implant cost per tooth so you can budget accurately.  Knowing the cost of a single dental implant and then multiplying it by the number of implants you need will give you a comfortable figure to set aside. Schedule a free consultation with your dentist to discuss your concerns about the costs.



What Influences The Cost Of Tooth Implants?

Generally the cost of dental implants is shown to you as a single amount but the procedure will take place over a few months, and will be completed in stages. After each stage your jaw will need a certain amount of time to heal.

Your dentist will draft a treatment plan showing you each stage, and itemising all the components that contribute to the cost of your tooth implant.


How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth?

Strictly speaking the tooth implant itself only constitutes a fraction of your total cost. Your bill will include:

Your initial consultation and treatment plan

You will need to book a free consultation at your local dental clinic so that your dentist can take x-rays of your jaw in order to draw up a treatment plan. The treatment plan will include all stages of the implant procedure, including your follow up visits.

The cost of a tooth implant

Most dental implants are cast from a titanium alloy and because they have been on the market for so long there is a variety of brands for you to choose from. If you do want your implant to last a lifetime, it’s worth investing in a high quality dental implant.

Where are you?

Procedures carried out in the major cities tend to be more expensive than those in outlaying areas.

The complexity of your treatment plan

The placement of a single straightforward dental implant is more cost-effective than a procedure where the patient needs a bone graft or sinus lift.

tooth implant cost per tooth

So How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost?

Dental Guide Australia says you should budget in the region of $5,000 and $5,500 for a single dental implant. cites 2017’s National Dental Fee Survey which benchmarks between $3,000 and $6,500 per tooth. They also say that a bone graft or sinus lift could increase the cost of your dental implant procedure to up to $11,500.


Will My Health Insurance Cover My Tooth Implant?

Most insurers do not cover dental implants and many policies list implants as an exclusion because it is considered an elective procedure. Some insurers may allow you to have dental implant listed as an exclusion on your policy, but this could result in a 12 month waiting period.

If this is the case with your insurer, speak to your dentist about making a provisional plan. 12 months is a long time to wait and your dentist may recommend a partial denture or alternative while you wait.


Understanding The True Cost Of Dental Implants

Your teeth perform the important work of biting and chewing your food, and providing facial harmony. They also allow you to speak and be understood. Not replacing missing teeth results in bone loss and drifting, and it can lead to the loss of the other teeth in your mouth.

While the initial outlay may seem like a lot, teeth that last a lifetime are priceless and worth investing in. dental implants do not cause damage to your adjacent teeth like bridgework. They stimulate bone growth and are tailored to fit your mouth, so they fit better than dentures.


The next step to find out more about the tooth implant cost per tooth is to have a professional assessment. Book your appointment with a dentist that offers free consultation. Contact our practice today: (02) 9158 6328

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