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While the true value of implants is often understood, dental implants cost is typically what most patients want to know. The cost of dental implants depends on a number of key factors: how many teeth do you need to have replaced, the type of implants that will be used, where you are having your procedure done, and whether you need additional work like a sinus lift or bone graft. To address all these it’s best to find a dentist that offers free consultation and assess your needs.

Let’s look at how these factors influence the cost and what you can expect to pay for your dental implants.




How many teeth will be replaced?

Of course a single dental implant costs less than multiple implants. Remember that one implant can support two teeth, two implants can support four teeth and four implants can provide support to 12 teeth. Some practitioners may offer a discount for multiple implants.


Does your dental practitioner need to perform additional procedures?

If you need the tooth extracted, require a bone graft or need a sinus lift, the cost of these procedures would be added to your total cost. The complexity of your personal case contains a number of variables that your dentist will discuss with you. It’s possible that some of the procedures may require collaboration with other dental professionals, and these fees would also need to be included.


Where is your dental practitioner based?

Your location will affect the cost of your dental implants. Teeth implants cost more in Sydney and Melbourne than they do on the Gold Coast and Queensland. Schedule a free consultation at your local dental clinic to specify the treatment pricing.


What about you as an individual?

Your personal circumstances will also dictate a number of things like how quickly you heal, how many visits you’ll need to make to the dentist, and what kind of implant will be placed.


Remember that after your assessment you will be presented with a treatment plan, outlining each procedure and stage, as well as the costs associated with each.

So, just how much do teeth implants cost?

Even though there are plenty of variables that will affect your total cost, some research has been done to calculate averages. It’s important to note that all figures given are approximations only and that you really need a thorough consultation and examination with your dental practitioner for an accurate idea of what you should budget for your dental implants.

dental implant cost says you should anticipate in the range of $3,000 and $6,000 per tooth, with 2017’s National Dental Survey citing a top fee of $5,563 per tooth for a simple procedure. In the event of a sinus lift or bone graft, the cost of the dental implant procedure increases to $11,500.

Dental Guide Australia recommends you budget between $5,000 and $5,500 for a single, simple dental implant, increasing to $6,500 for a more complex procedure. The all-on-4 procedure is in the range of $20,000 – $30,000.

By way of comparison, you might find it useful to find out what it would cost to save your tooth with root canal treatment. It may be possible to save your tooth and this could be a more cost effective option.


Will my health insurance cover the dental implants cost?

Dental implants are generally not covered by most healthcare insurance plans or extras. Implants are often listed as exclusions on healthcare policies and, along with root canal treatments are considered major dental treatments.

The best way to find out about the cost of dental implants is to see an expert dentist that offers free consultation. If you have already lost your tooth you should look at replacing it as soon as possible to prevent drifting.

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