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If you’re looking for cheap dental implants we’d like to let you know that what costs you less today will probably end up costing you more in the future. High quality dental implants take time to integrate with your body and are completed over a period of time, which sees regular visits to your consulting dental practitioner. At Digital Dental Surgery Sydney we offer high quality dental implants in Sydney that you can afford.



Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement technology and they are the closest match you can get to natural teeth. When compared to bridges and dentures, implants look and perform just like your natural teeth.

The implant itself is a metal screw that is surgically embedded into your jaw. It needs to be crafted from biocompatible materials, so that it is safe to osseo-integrate.

The implant needs to be placed by an experienced and skilled dental professional. Your dentist’s expertise is required to select the correct brand of implant for your budget and needs. You can discuss this during a free consultation at your local dental clinic. You practitioner also needs to ensure that the correct size of implant is selected. During the surgery the implant must be placed and positioned correctly for it perform well.


Areas Influence Dental Implant Cost

It is true that implants cost more in major cities. Dental implants in Sydney do cost more than outer laying areas.


Dental Implants Take Time To Heal

You can expect to sit in your dentist’s chair a few times before your dental implant procedure is considered complete.

First you’ll need to have a thorough examination and discussion with your dentist. Your medical history will be taken, as well as a series of photographs and x-rays, in order for your dentist to come up with a treatment plan for you.

cheap dental implants

If you have had missing teeth for some time you may have some bone loss. This could mean that your jaw bone is not thick enough to support dental implants. If this is the case, you may need a bone graft to stimulate bone growth. A dentist that offers free consultation can assess your jaw bone and advise you. If you need a bone graft, your dentist will take bone from another part of your body or another source and embed it into the site of your missing tooth. The site will be stitched up and checked in a few months time.

When your jaw is strong and healthy again, the site will be opened up for your implant to be placed. Your dentist will drill a hole into your jaw to place the implant into, and then stitch it up again. Then you will need to wait for healing to take place.

Your jaw needs to grow around the metal screw and reinforce it. This usually takes around three months, after which the abutment will be loaded. After another healing period, you will be ready to have your crown fitted.

If there are no complications your implant could last for the rest of your lifetime. If you consider the amount of time, effort and money that goes into the placement of a single implant, you can imagine that you would probably only want to do it once.

If you opt for a cheap implant the chances you will need to have the procedure redone are quite high. And your initially cheap procedure will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.


Smaller implants

There are ranges of small and mini implants available but these should only be used for smaller spaces. Using implants that are too small means they could be overloaded, causing damage and discomfort.

Don’t be tempted by cheap dental implants. To find out more about high quality dental implants in Sydney, why don’t you book a free consultation at your local dental clinic? Call us today: (02) 9158 6328.

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